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Other Branches

UK - Leicester
Chairman : Nanjibhai B Chauhan
Tel. No: 01162662209
Email :

Secretary : Dhirubhai T Dholakia
Mob.No: 07860795025
Tel. No: 0116412985
Email :

 Maha Committee Members list 2019 - 2020

Chair              : Nanjibhai B Chauhan

Vice chair       : Zinabhai D Chauhan

Secretary       : Dhirubhai T Dholakia

Ast. Sec         : Ishwarbhai M Kataria

Treasurer       : Govindbhai D Gohil

Assi.Treasurer: Niruben G Gohil

Auditor            : Chandrakant H Chauhan

Religious & Social 

                         Damyantiben Z Chauhan

                         Bhartiben H Parmar

                         Bhartiben Patel

Shakti Chair     Nayanaben R Chohan

Vice Chair         Niruben C Chauhan

Secretary          Kalpana Kataria

Ast. Sec            Ansuya D Solanki

Treasurer          Manisha Rupesh Kataria

Committee     Dayalbhai U Solanki

                       Hansaben I Kataria

                       Kamlesh Chauhan

                       Bhartiben Patel

                       Zinabhai D Chauhan            

                       Dhirubhai T Dholakia.          

                       Govindbhai D Gohil              

                       Niruben G Gohil                   

                       Damyantiben Z Chauhan     

                       Kalpanaben Kataria             

                       Kamlesh  M Chauhan 

                       Hansaben I Kataria  

                       Bhanuben Chauhan

                       Dixit N Chauhan 

                       Bilesh M Chauhan            


Vijyaben N Chauhan   Leicester

Dayalbhai U Solanki   Leicester

Gopalbhai Solanki      London

Babubhai D Chauhan Preston


Zinabhai D Chauhan             Leicester

Dhirubhai T Dholakia..          Leicester

Govindbhai D Gohil              Leicester 

Niruben G Gohil .                  Leicester

Damyantiben Z Chauhan      Leicester

Kalpanaben Kataria              Leicester

Bhartiben Patel                     Leicester

Bhartiben Parmar                 Leicester

Kamlesh M Chauhan            Leicester

Hansaben I Kataria               Leicester


UK - London
Chairman : Thakorbhai R Chauhan

Secretary : Hasmukh K Parmar
Email :,

London branch Office bearers & Committee 2019-20

Chairman:                    Thakor R Chauhan

Vice Chairman:            Manhar Kantadia

Secretary:                     Hasmukh K. Parmar                                                                                    

Asst. Secretary:           Kamlesh Vaghela                                

Treasurer:                    Jayantilal R Chauhan

Asst. Treasurer:           Chandrika M. Kantadia

Auditor:                       Shashikant Solanki

Trustee:                       Gopalbhai D. Solanki

Committee members

Mr Bhanabhai Patel                  Mr Dalpatbhai Chauhan

Mr Vijay Sisodia                       Mr Kantibhai Chauhan

Mrs. Hansaben G.Solanki         Mr. Reenaben P. Chauhan

Mr Ramnik Vaghela                    Mrs. Gangila Chauhan

Dinesh . Chauhan                     Mrs. Damuben Chauhan

Religeous & Social activities  ( part of committee as well)

Lalitaben S. Solanki    

Nirmalaben B. Patel

Kanchan I. Chauhan  

Ishwar Chauhan

Sports Leader :  Chetan D. Chouhan

Event organizer: Rajeshri Dahyabhai Chouhan

Executive Committee members (2019-20)

  1. Thakor R Chauhan

  2. Hasmukh R Parmar

  3. Manhar Kantadia

  4. Dinesh Chauhan

  5. Shashikant Solanki

  6. Ishwar Chauhan

  7. Chetan D Chauhan






 Dear Community Members

I have been given this opportunity to represent this great community as a President in July 2018. To be able to team up with Ishwarbhai Kataria as general secretary and the Maha committee. May I wish all the community members a wonderful New Year 2020 and hope a very bright future for all of us in the community I have worked with the Samaj as committee member since 1985 onwards and been a treasurer for number of years as General Secretary with Maha committee also Chairman of Leicester Branch for three years.

I take this opportunity to ask you the Samaj members to come forward with ideas to enhance the Samaj and work with the committee to take the ideas forward. One of the idea which has been put forward is to hold a singles meet and mingle evening for Samaj ladies and Gentlemen who wish to meet Samaj members.

Next thing in pipeline is for Bhajan Sammelan which will be held in coming months

Yours truly

 Chandrakant H Chauhan

Maha Committee Members list 2019 - 2020

Maha Committee

Vice President  : Narendra D Chauhan
Gen.Secretary  : Ishwarbhai M Kataria
Asst.Secretary1 : Naynaben Ramesh Chohan
Asst.Secretary2 : Manisha Rupesh Kataria
Treasurer  : Nititnbhai D Chauhan
Asst.Treasurer : Yogitaben N Chauhan
Auditor    : Niruben C Chauhan
Caretaker   : Dhirubhai Dholaki
Asst. Caretaker : Rupesh Kataria
Youth Leader : Dixit N Chauhan

Asst. Youth Leader : Manisha Kataria

1 Vijyaben N Chauhan  Leicester
2 Dayalbhai U Solanki   Leicester
3 Gopalbhai Solanki      London
4 Pratapbhai B Chauhan Preston


Zinabhai D Chauhan  Leicester
Dhirubhai T Dholakia  Leicester
Govindbhai D Gohil  Leicester
Niruben G Gohil  Leicester
Damyantiben Z Chauhan  Leicester
Kalpanaben Kataria  Leicester
Bhartiben Patel  Leicester
Kamlesh M Chauhan  Leicester
Hansaben I Kataria  Leicester
Bhanuben C Chauhan   Leicester
Nanjibhai B Chauhan  Leicester
Thakorbhai R Chauhan  London
Hasmukhbhai Parmar  London
Dineshbhai Chauhan  London
Ishwarbhai Chauhan  London
Manharbhai Kantadia  London
Shashikant M Solanki  London
Chetan Chohan  London
Dilipbhai R Solanki Birmingham



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